26 November, 2008

Pastor's Proposal of "7-Day Bible Reading Challenge" Met with Confusion

Kline, Texas - The members of First Baptist Church of Kline are uncertain what to think after this past Sunday's sermon. As the church's pastor Henry Waldrip addressed the congregation from the pulpit, he touched upon a subject that some say "went a little too far." Attempting to draw a contrast with a recent Dallas church's own 7-day challenge, Waldrip suggested that Christians ought to spend more time reading their Bibles. He then went on to challenge his congregation to "read their Bibles every day for a week."

"I read about this other church in Dallas doing their 7-day challenge to supposedly promote intimacy between married couples," said Waldrip. "While I'm all for deeper intimacy between a husband and a wife, but I think the root of marital problems lies not with a lack of intimacy with one another, but intimacy with God. When a husband and wife know and love God more they will love each other more. But even more so, our 7-day challenge doesn't exclude single people within our congregation. So I simply suggested my congregation read their Bibles every day for a week, apply it and see if their marriages and lives in general don't begin to naturally improve."

While many in the congregation seemed receptive to Waldrip's suggestion, many were also seemingly infuriated by the suggestion.

"I can't believe he went that far," said Patty Turnbull, a long-time member of FBC. "I just don't think Pastor Waldrip understands what I have to do every day. My schedule stays pretty full from the moment I wake up until the time I go to bed. Sure, I like to read my Bible when I can, but he can't seriously expect me to read it every day."

"Well, it certainly lacked the pizzaz of the other church's 7-day challenge," said Raymond Donaldson, another member, "I mean, when he challenged us to read our Bibles every day for a week I was like 'um...okay...whatever.' I think if he really wants to get people's attention he needs to challenge us with something a little bit more interesting."

The church's board of Deacons has called a meeting with Waldrip to address the issue this Thursday night. It remains to be seen whether or not Waldrip will continue to push his idea to the congregation.