07 January, 2007

Creflo Dollar to Christians in Chad: "There Ain't No Reason You People Should Be Poor"


In a recent tour of African Countries the Reverend Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International made a visit to the impoverished country of Chad. When word got around that a missionary from the United States was going to be visiting their country many Christians gathered with anticipation both for hearing the gospel preached and possibly for some assistance and help. Instead the faithful received a scathing rebuke.

"Confession brings possession!" Said Dollar to the crowd. "There ain't no reason you people should be poor. The only reason y'all are sitting around with no cars, no DVD players, and no multi-million-dollar houses is because you haven't claimed the blessing God has in store for you. You haven't given in faith."

As the sermon continued, many in the crowd sat in silence while Dollar's team from the U.S. sat behind him on the stage encouraging his message with shouts of "Amen," laughter, clapping of hands, and occasional strutting across the stage.

"Our hearts were heavy when we heard these words." Said Nagoum
Kimot, one of the Christians who had gathered to hear Dollar. "We had not heard of this man, but me and my family thought that surely he would help us. Each day we pray and we struggle against much persecution. Many can barely buy food."

During his sermon Dollar also criticized native church leaders for their lack of faith.

"I can't stand a broke preacher." Said Dollar. "I can't stand being around no broke preacher! They are always hitting up up for money."

At the end of his message Dollar told his listeners that the way to overcome their poverty was to start giving.

"You need to start today. You need to open your pockets and give till it hurts. If you've got 2 cents left, you need to give it all. You'll get it back ten-fold!"

"We did as this man said." Said
Kimot after the service. "We gave him what we had. I don't know how I'm going to eat tonight. I gave him all the money I had. Now what will I do?"

After the service Dollar left with his crew in limousines and headed for the N'djamena International Airport where Dollar's charter flight awaited to carry him and his crew to their next destination, Dakar, Senegal.

"There's no reason these people should be broke." Said Dollar in an interview on the plane as he dined on steak and lobster. "Name it and claim it! Take a look at the Bible. You don't see the disciples running around broke. You don't see Jesus running around broke. The Bible teaches that those who are Christians will have a life free from pain and persecution and that they'll receive monumental amounts of money. The only reason these poor people aren't rich is because they just don't give enough in faith."