07 February, 2007

Advertisement: Mortify Sins Quickly and Easily with Medi-Sin

Tired of struggling with sin and temptation? Now there's a quick and easy way to overcome those besetting sins in your life without all of the hassle of prayer, struggle, Bible study and (worst of all) fasting! Now there's Medi-Sin, the fast way to a sin-free life.

Medi-Sin uses your body's natural metabolism along with your active brain patterns to counteract the effects of temptation.

Guaranteed to reduce your sinning in 7 days or your money back!Just read what others are saying about Medi-Sin.

"Finally something that will help people to quit focusing on sin!"
Robert Schuller, Pastor, The Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California

"At last we have a solution to the problem of sin!"
Joel Olsteen, Pastor, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

"I've never thought much on the subject of sin, but if it works for others then great."
-Bishop John Shelby Spong
$29.95 + 3.95SHH
Patent pending. Side affects may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sleeplessness, sleepiness, loss of appetite, increased hunger, weight gain, sudden bursts of anger, a feeling of malaise, sadness, depression, a nagging feeling that you are hideously unattractive, visions of pink elephants, the fear that you're being watched by a marsupial-type animal, the desire to tap dance in a dress, dry mouth, wet mouth, slightly moist mouth, the fear that your mouth has been sewn shut by an aging Russian grandmother, hallucinations of Harry Truman, the taste of green peas in your mouth, a sudden desire to smell your socks, and, in some cases, death.

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