09 March, 2007

New! Fed-Vis Glasses

Do you struggle to understand Federal Vision theology? Do you find the arguments convoluted and complex? Now YOU can grasp all of the subtle nuances of Federal Vision Theology with Fed-Vis Glasses!

Fed-Vis Glasses allow you to see the arguments for FV theology clearly and easily without all of the the hassle of having to read numerous books just to grasp the basic ideas.

If you've found FV theology hard, then Fed-Vis Glasses are for you. Buy them for yourself or for your poor, simple Presbyterian friend who can't seem to see what you see from Scripture.

$59.95 + 7.95 S&H

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Anonymous said...

Your stuff is priceless. Nice to see others can use satire as an effective tool. Keep up the good work/fight.

I was fortunate to stumble on what was cut out of Camreron's documentary and posted 10 Newly Discovered Evidences Jesus Did Not Rise From The Dead

Sojourn Huntsville