13 March, 2007

Trinity Broadcasting Network Plans New Television Series


With the immense popularity of the hit television series Lost, the Trinity Broadcasting Network is hoping to capitalize upon the show with its own similar concept, Saved.

The series stars Kirk Cameron, most well-known for his role as Buck Williams in the Left Behind
movies. The story is about a group of "wild" business men and women headed back to the United States from a business trip to Tokyo. Suddenly their plane undergoes severe turbulence that tears it apart. The group crashes on to a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean, and miraculously almost everyone survives.

that they are the only ones on the island the group begins to look for ways to escape or get rescued. Little do they know that they are not alone. Soon they discover that there are "others" on the island too. They encounter a group of young missionaries who had crashed on the island ten years earlier led by Bubba Jones (Kirk Cameron). Tensions mount as the group of missionaries try desperately to convert the worldly-minded group of business people.

"We're just so excited about this new show." Said TBN co-founder Jan Crouch. "We just want to give all those fans out there who love Lost an alternative. We just know this will be a big big big fat blessing to everyone who watches it."

"I'm excited about this new role." Said Cameron. "To have the opportunity to get back into acting after such a long absence just thrills me."

The show begins this fall on TBN and will run after Jesse Duplantis on Tuesday nights.


Anonymous said...

THAT'S FUNNY! Evidently Kirk was lost until he saw Jan's hair gleaming in the light of the SON and it drew him safely home...

Amanda said...

Alternate show name: Found. I personally think that Cameron is more well-known for his role in Growing Pains than in Left Behind, though that doubtless is a part of the satire. Entertaining post, as always.