16 April, 2007

Jack Van Impe Starts "Rumors of Wars" to Hasten the End Times


The Bible teaches that in the end times there will be 'wars and rumors of wars.' While popular Bible prophecy teacher Jack Van Impe has no control over the first part of that statement, he definitely believes he can contribute to the last part, and thus plans now to devote his ministry to the spread of 'rumors of wars.'

"I feel it is my calling and my duty to hasten the end times." Said Van Impe. "I can't start a war. I'm not the leader of a nation. But I can start 'rumors of wars,' and that's what I plan to do both on my weekly television show and through the medium of the internet from now on."

Van Impe's weekly program, Jack Van Impe Presents, is a weekly 30 minute show which usually features Van Impe offering 'up to the minute prophecy.' Weekly world events are looked at in light of prophetic passages in the Bible and connections of fulfillment are made.

"Just last week we saw the fulfillment of Isaiah 25:25 where it says, '
Like heat in drought, You subdue the uproar of aliens; Like heat by the shadow of a cloud, the song of the ruthless is silenced.'" Said Van Impe. "When Don Imus was fired from his radio program he was silenced, that was a direct fulfillment of this prophetic verse. There's no doubt about it."

But now Van Impe hopes to change the focus of his program so that the end will come quickly.

"We're going to go after this full force." He stated. "Just last week we ran a whole story about possible war between China and Australia, and this week we're doing a rumor of a war between the U.S. and all of Europe. Though such stories may or may not have any real factual basis behind them, the fact that we're spreading these rumors is itself a fulfillment of prophecy."

Further 'rumors' that Van Impe plans to spread include wars between Russia and China, World War III and Iran and Uganda. In addition Van Impe's website will begin including pictures of 'rumored skirmishes' between countries showing scenes of mass destruction.

"We want these rumors to spread far and wide." Said Van Impe. "The faster they spread and the more there are the quicker the end will come."


Scott M. Head said...

Outstanding! You are a gifted humorist.

pilgrim said...

There are times when I would nt only have no problem believing a story such as this, I actually suspect it to be so.