15 May, 2007

Collect 'Em All!


They "swing" for the gospel.
They "bat" for their beliefs.
They hit a "home run" always.

From Lower Deck Collectibles comes trading cards of your favorite whacked-out hyper-Calvinists from Westboro Baptist Church.

Collect cards for every member of the Phelps family. And as a special bonus look for only 500 limited edition"God Hates You" gold foil cards, personally signed by Fred Phelps!

Available only from Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas

Only $1.75 per pack!


Anonymous said...

haha, I want a Darwin Fish card!

Joe said...

I guess it's fair to say that no Phelps is a 'switch hitter.'

OK, so 'HH' is 'Head Honcho', but I give up on 'HPC.' Tom?

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

Head Protest Coordinator

pilgrim said...


What a bargain.

WHo's up for protesting stores that won't sell them?

Anonymous said...

Tom, have you written any articles about churches and superbowl yet? I've heard of churches that actually cancel, postpone, and shorten Sunday morning services so that the congregation can watch football during superbowl. The fellowship halls are loaded with popcorn and TVs are set up for the dedicated fans. I think it might make for a good tominthebox article.

Ric said...

$1.75 a pack???

You won't sell many!