30 July, 2007

Advertisement: Magnapraise - Stick Your Praises to the Metal

Wish you could have praise all week long? Tired of staring at that dull refrigerator? Now you can with Magnapraise!

Magnapraise lets you make your own praise songs on any magnetic surface just by rearranging the magnetic tiles.

Now you can turn your refrigerator into an all out praise and worship center. Make that dull filing cabinet in your office look like your projection screen at church.

Simply take the magnetic tiles and arrange them to make the praise song that suits you best.

Magnapraise comes complete with over 300 magnetic tiles. Words include...

Just - 50 tiles
Praise - 50 tiles
We - 25 tiles
Adore - 25 tiles
Love - 25 tiles
Worship - 25 tiles
Bow - 15 tiles
God - 10 tiles
Lord - 5 tiles

Order Magnapraise today for only $19.99. It makes a great gift for anyone!


Robin Harris (ICE Coordinator) said...

Haaaaaa! This is hilarious, but you left out the very most common word... I'm sure they've got it in the "set" and you just forgot to mention it; the ubiquitous word "I"...

Nick Kennicott said...

Very funny... "just" -- doesn't that drive you nuts? Especially when people are praying. "Lord, we just want to pray that you would be glorified..." Just??? That's a HUGE deal, not JUST something that we're minimally concerned about!

Anonymous said...

Smooth ... I'm with ICE - plenty of "I, me, my, mine"'s are necessary. But I'm not sure if all the tiles you have are sufficient for more than one contemporary song! And if it costs much extra for unique words, I hope nobody wants to do "And Can It Be" or something like that!

Calvinist Automaton said...

I'm sure the "Lord" and "God" and other specifically theological names for Yahweh have fewer tiles for a reason. We don't want to offend anyone with theology now, do we?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry everyone. If you add up the number of tiles listed there are at least 71 left. Those would be the "I", "me", my", and "mine" tiles plus a bonus "1000 charms" tile.

Anonymous said...

My first thought upon reading the post was that you would need several hundred I/me/my's to make the worship songs we sing today :-)

pilgrim said...

I'm sure I saw this for real somewhere.

I know I've seen other versions of those things, but I'm sure I saw a Christian-type version somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but if someone actually did this concept right, I think it could be decent. Better word choices of course. Words from the old hymns that actually meant something. But I would use it. No one hurt me please.

Mike. said...

I just wanted to say I love the Blog - I love love - I just love the Blog.