29 August, 2007

Your Best Flight Now! Fly AIROST

Houston, Tx - Lakewood Church announced today the launch of their new airline company AIROST. Beginning October 1 the airline company, officially owned and operated by the 29,000 plus member church, will primarily begin servicing "church members "who live across the United States enabling them to fly into Houston each weekend for services . In addition Lakewood Church is also building a private airport on church property just south of the city that will serve as the base of operations.

"We're just so excited" stated Joel Osteen, the church's pastor. "We feel this is a positive development in the life of our church. Over the years our membership has reached outside of the bounds of the Houston area. We have people all over the country who would love to attend our church, but cannot because they live so far away. Now, AIROST will give them that opportunity to attend."

AIROST will begin with flights in and out of the newly built Lakewood Airport on Thursday through Monday of each week with daily flights between Houston and the select cities of New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas. While the airline is primarily intended for "church members" a limited number of tickets will be sold to the public for each flight.

"We plan to sell about 50% of the seats to non church members" stated Osteen. "These can be purchased online through the church's website. Anyone is free to fly AIROST so long as they don't mind the the airline being owned and operated by a church."

On board the, the flights will resemble most other commercial airline services. A crew of flight attendants will serve the passengers during the flight, though no alcohol will be served. Instead of movies, videos of Osteen's preaching will be shown. And immediately after the safety presentation by the crew the passengers will recite the following statement of belief in unison,

This is my airplane: I am seated where I am supposed to be; I have what I'm supposed to have; I can do only what the flight attendants say I can do. Today, I will be flown above the clouds. I'll boldly confess. My mind is alert; my heart is calm; I will never be the same. I am about to leave the leave the ground, take to the skies, and take wing on one of the best flights I'll ever have. I'll never be the same - never, never, never! I'll never be the same, now let's fly this plane!

Current and prospective members of Lakewood may reserve flights in advance by contacting the church. Tickets go on sale to the public September 15.


Daniel C said...

I don't think the idea of spending so much time to take a to and fro flight to Houston every week will entice people to join Lakewood Church. Perhaps only for pilgrims who want to have their 'Been to Lakewood' cap; you know, like going to Mecca.

Anonymous said...

How about having the congregants to be (whoops, I mean passengers) also give thanks for the laws of aerodynamics, without which, there would be no flight possible?

When they pass the peanuts, will they take an offering, too?

Anonymous said...

The story's not too unlikely. People will go to great lengths to have their egos tickled.

Joe said...

Is the airline for Greek dyslexics who like the past tense?

pilgrim said...

You know the VAtican has just started a deal with an airline to provide cheap flights for Roman Cathoilics to make pilgrimages.



So is this where you got the idea form, or did the Pope beat you to the punch?

sh said...

Shouldn't that plane be a 777?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone can answer some questions that I have about booking a flight on this new airline...

Is there a bigger discount if you give more than 10%?

Do you get any additional discounts if you write letters and emails to missionaries or if you even call them on the phone once in a while?

Do church PA and lighting techies get in for free? (With their immediate family, perhaps?)

I presently hold 10,000,000 non-existent frequent flier miles on a yet-to be determined airline. Can I use some of these miles to upgrade my booking to maybe even pilot rather than 1st class?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that plane be a 777?

I'm thinking it's a little smaller: perhaps a 666.

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