01 February, 2008

This Week in Photos - February 1, 2008

Senator and Presidential candidate,
Hillary Clinton listens intently during 
a Sunday sermon.

Ever since young Eric McNally told his friends
he was a Calvinist, he has been the victim of a 
ceaseless stream of taunting and bullying.

Addressing the current "Spiritual Recession"
in the United States, President George W. Bush,
during his State of the Union speech suggests
churches give back all tithes and offerings
to members.

In a rare photo, The Reverend Al Sharpton is
seen with his mouth closed when asked by one
reporter if he thought people could be saved
without Jesus.

Fox News Host, Bill O'Reilly, comments on
his recent reading of Dave Hunt's book What 
Love is This?

Participants pause for a group 
photo during the first annual 
gathering of Unitarian and
United Church of Christ ministers.


Anonymous said...


You made me side hurt~

Anonymous said...

You guys are hillarious! I love you

Robin Harris (ICE Coordinator) said...

The Unitarian and United Church of Christ ministers looked sooooo familiar to this Siberian reader.... That picture made me laugh and whoop outloud!