10 April, 2008

Zondervan Releases World's Smallest "Purpose Driven Life"

Grand Rapids, Mi - Zondervan publishing announced on Wednesday the release of the world's smallest edition of Rick Warren's popular book The Purpose Driven Life. The book will be less than an inch tall, about one-half inch wide and be under a quarter of an inch think. The text is complete and unabridged, although it is virtually unreadable without the aid of magnification. But Zondervan has noted that the main purpose of publishing the book so small is not necessarily for it to be read.

"This will allow someone to always have this little book with them wherever they go," said Kurt James, editor for the project. "It can be kept in a purse or in a front pocket next to someone's heart. It fits just about anywhere. So we're not so much worried about people reading it. We want people to be comforted just knowing that they have it with them wherever they go, to remind them that their life has purpose and meaning."

The "book" will be available in a number of styles which include a keychain, metal covered, necklace pendant and a double set as earrings. Also, a special micro-autographed edition will be made available to the first 1000 purchasers.

"If this goes well we can perhaps see more and more of these kinds of books being published," said James. "I know that there have been micro-bibles out there for years, but I can bet you there's never been a micro Zondervan Life Application NIV Bible!"

Zondervan plans to release the tiny Purpose Driven Life this summer about the time most people will be going on vacations and traveling a lot. The cost of the "book" varies depending on the style chosen, but the basic design will sell for $9.95.


Jerry Boyce said...

I guess the smaller size is the best thing they ever done.

It makes it better to lose or misplace.

Richard said...

"The text is complete and unabridged, although it is virtually unreadable without the aid of magnification."

Well, at least now it has value.

....as a novelty item.


Shep Shepherd said...

A new form of bibliolatry strikes.

Fred said...

Does it have a purpose?

Jerry Boyce said...

I use mine to shim up one side of the outhouse.

terriergal said...

aspiring theologian - don't tell me you've fallen for the "bibliolatry" lie...