01 February, 2010

New Album: Weepy Whiney Songs for Today's Typical Christian Male

From the best of Christian Radio comes an album just for you males in the church out there. It's the best weepy, whiney overly emotional spineless songs to encourage you as you battle through your hard and tedious life day after day. Titles include,

-My Parents are Making me Move Out
-Why Do I Need a Job?
-Responsibility is Not My Spiritual Gift
-My X Box Broke, Help me Through This Storm
-Help Me Through This Trial of the Cable Being Out
-Why Do Girls Want a Man With a Job?
-I Spilled My No-Fat Mocha Latte on My Lemon Yellow Vest
-Mark Driscoll Yelled at Me and Now I Want to Cry

...and many more great titles to lift you up when darkness clouds your spineless, aimless existence.


Jim Pemberton said...

Ahh yes. A loss of perspective and proper priority is the bane of persistent prosperity.

Anonymous said...

This made me want to give thanks to God for the man in my life who truly follows Christ.

Kenneth said...

You left one track out, and it should have been the title track:...... "A preacher from Seattle crushed my Beetle with his Jeep"

Eddie Eddings said...

I only hope it comes with free tissues inside the cover.

Anonymous said...

Another song I don't see here: I Say A Little Prayer for Me.