24 January, 2007

Rick Warren's New Book Addresses Christian Animal Rights


Pastor Rick Warren, best known for his books The Purpose Driven Life and 40 Days of Purpose has just had his latest release hit the shelves this past weekend. Forty Days of Porpoises is aimed at addressing the issues surrounding Christians and animal rights.

"I think it's high time that Christians begin realizing the importance of animal rights." Said Warren. "These animals can think, reason, feel and
love. If we don't give attention to these amazing creatures we are neglecting a wonderful and beautiful aspect of creation."

The book highlights the needs of Christians to love animals. Part of the forty day plan encourages congregations to make trips to Sea World or other marine life parks or places where Christians can pray for porpoises, feed them and pet them.

Pastor Mark Harris of Abundant Life Fellowship, in Los Angeles is excited about this latest release. "I immediately bought copies for our Sunday School classes." Said Harris. "We want to be the first congregation to participate in this ministry."

Harris further stated that his congregation is planning
monthly "pilgrimages" Sea World. In addition, they are trying to arrange an annual "Swim with the Porpoises" day in which members of the congregation will be able to scuba dive with porpoises through a meditative underwater labyrinth.

"We're excited to see what's going to happen." Said Warren. "We know that this will be used to change many people's attitudes towards animals."


Malachi_Abaddon said...

Sad thing is, this could be next on the list.

Copyright it now, so you'll make millions off of it. (Sound familiar?)

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

I'm on it!

Malachi_Abaddon said...

Thank the guys at Sacred Sandwich for the idea.

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

I don't understand, did they cover this story too? If so then it's purely an accident. We did do the graphic here though.

Malachi_Abaddon said...

Actually, that's where I got the dea for you to copyright it, they were talking about the Christian satirists. Here's the link: