21 March, 2007

Ford Announces New "Purpose-Driven" Car


It is an unusual combination of religion and business. Yesterday Ford Motor Company C.E.O. Alan Mulally along with the Reverend Rick Warren announced plans to produce a special edition of Ford's popular Fiesta for 2008, called the Purpose-Driven Car. Based on the popular book by Warren, the car will be Ford's most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle on the market getting an average of 40 miles per gallon.

"It's time people started thinking about their driving habits." Said Warren at the press conference. "Each day millions of people drive in this country without really thinking about where they're going in life."

While Warren's comments during the press conference often highlighted the car's religious significance, Mulally was hesitant to state anything about the partnership other than the business benefits.

"We are glad to work together on this exciting business venture." Said Mulally. "We want people from all walks of life to feel comfortable when they drive, no matter what one's religion may be."

Still, Warren hopes the Purpose-Drive Car will "make an impact" for the gospel.

"This car will be a place of worship, and a place of fellowship, discipleship, ministry and evangelism." Said Warren. "If you feel like you're just driving nowhere in life, then the Ford Fiesta Purpose-Driven Edition is for you! I hope this car really makes an impact...well...not literally."


Tim said...

Yikes! My first car was a 1979 Fiesta. I thought the Fiesta was discontinued after the 1980 model year, but it looks like it simply died out in the U.S -- and deservedly so.

It was somewhat attractive on the surface, but the thing had all kinds of issues under the hood.

Sort of like PDL.

pilgrim said...

So I suppose this is not a car for joy driving--or just taking a Sunday afternoon cruise. I suppose you actually have to go somewhere...

B Nettles said...

What is Ford's purpose in doing this? I'm surprised that Johnson & JOhnson hasn't come out with the Purpose Drive Band-Aid, each one with a different word: worship, fellowship, etc. Proceeds going to fly the Warrens back and forth to Africa to see how the fight against "AIDs" is going. They could use a Purpose-Driven Ford while they're there.

Joseph Botwinick said...

There was one inaccuracy in this story. It said the new car at 40 MPG was the most fuel efficient car on the market. This is simply not true. The Toyota Prius gets 60 MPG. Heck...my new Toyota Corolla gets about 40 MPG. :-)

Team Tominthebox News Network said...


The key is the possessive pronoun..."Ford's most fuel-efficient car on the market."


Joseph Botwinick said...

Oops...you're right. I didn't read close enough.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo, is the good reverend going to be driving one of these puppies?

Unknown said...