22 March, 2007

Robert Schuller Declares "Green Eggs and Ham to be His "Statement of Faith"


Known for his large and impressive church building, the Crystal Cathedral and his weekly television program The Hour of Power, the Reverend Robert Schuller has achieved world fame over the course of his preaching career. But during that same career Schuller has come under fire for his "lack of firm theological convictions."

"Schuller claims to be from Dutch Reformed roots, yet everything in his theology speaks to the contrary." Said Pastor Mark Horten of Orange Parks Presbyterian Church in Garden Grove. "It would just be nice if he would make some definitive statement of what he actually believes."

So on Wednesday, Schuller did just that.

"They've been pushing me for years now to state what I believe in; to put down on paper in a concrete fashion what defines who I am and what I stand for." Said Schuller. "So I'm going to do that right now. I believe in Green Eggs and Ham."

The extremely popular Dr. Seuss book features a character by the name of Sam I Am who, throughout the book, tries to persuade an unnamed character to eat "green eggs and ham." After numerous refusals the character finally concedes at the end only to realize that he, indeed, likes "green eggs and ham."

Schuller's choice of a children's book as his "personal statement of faith" struck many as "odd." But Schuller refused to further articulate as to what his choice meant.

"I offer no more explanation." Said Schuller. "I believe in Sam I Am, I believe in green eggs and ham."

"This doesn't surprise me one bit." Said Horten. "When you believe in nothing, anything will do."

Other's, though, were less critical of Schuller's "stance for the gospel."

"I think it's wonderful and child-like!" Said the Rev. Elizabeth Hamilton of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Garden Grove. "The Rev. Schuller's choice of Green Eggs and Ham shows an unwaivering stance for the gospel. What a beautiful picture of simple faith."


Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to see Schuller is starting to get serious about theology. At least he doesn't affirm that heresy-filled "Hop on Pop".

pilgrim said...

He can't have that as his statement--it's already mine...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps soon he will move on to the deeper and more meaningful albeit more obscure "There are Rocks in My Socks Said the Ox to the Fox"