25 April, 2007

Episcopal Church Offers Free T-Shirts to Attract New People

Now, you too can look like a rockin' Episcopalian with Extreme Unction wear!

With Extreme Unction wear you can display your faith(s) and make people think you're wearing some kind of punk-rock band t-shirt at the same time.

When unction just isn't enough, you need something that will take things to the next level. You don't just need unction, you need Extreme unction!

Sizes available include baggy, extra baggy, and huge and cost just $29.95!

All profits go to support either the National Endowment for the Arts or the National Organization for Women.


Peter Kirk said...

I thought of sending this to the pastor and youth worker at my Anglican church. But I decided not to as I was afraid they might take it seriously! Last year they gave out free bottled water to new students at our local university. Budget permitting (at $29.95 it wouldn't!) they might well go for t-shirts this year. Well, maybe I will send a link complete with this comment.

Jacob said...

Wasn't there an Episcopal church in New York that was incorperating U2 songs into their liturgy? Now that's the kind of church I want to go to...

fgizzardbrain said...

Actually, there are some pretty entertaining t-shirts available from the Episcopalians at Cafe Press (online store). For example, there's one showing the Episcopal Church shield, followed by the words "Use this shield to protect against the glowing eyes of a fundamentalist."

Stefan Ewing said...

Given the context, perhaps it should be:

Xtreme Unction

That X gives it a certain, I don't know, in-the-moment, missional je ne sais quoi, dude. (Heh...it's also capital chi for Christos....)