01 May, 2007

Net Finney 2 Available Soon


After the immense success of Net Finney, the software that filters out Calvinist and Reformed material on the internet, Liberty University recently unveiled its plans to release Net Finney 2.

"Net Finney was a refreshing breeze to the Christian community." Said Dr. Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Theological Seminary, in a statement released by the university. "It has helped put the brakes on this madness of Calvinism infecting our churches. But we have designed Net Finney 2 to be even more powerful and more accurate in filtering out Calvinist and Reformed materials. It will give its users more control over what they see and more freedom to choose where they want to go when they surf the web."

While the response to Net Finney, when it was originally released, was positive, a number of users had complained to the univers
ity about "glitches" in the program. One in particular was that Net Finney blocked the popular Bible search site, biblegateway.com, and even non-Calvinist sites such as Dave Hunt's The Berean Call due to books listed on his site that are against Calvinism.

"Overall I really liked the program." Said Liberty Student Thad Morrison. "I had really been struggling for months before Net Finney was released. I was reading Reformed websites sometimes two or three hours a day, but that's all stopped now. Me and some guys here at the school formed an accountability group to keep e
ach other in check. Every Friday morning we have breakfast together and ask each other 'Have you been avoiding the Reformation?' I'm really excited about the second edition of Net Finney. It's helped me so much."

The second edition of Net
Finney will feature advanced "TULIP Controls" where users can selectively allow certain pages to be viewed. But the program will selectively change the wording of websites if Calvinist and Reformed material is present. Thus the program effectively alters the words of the Westminster Confession of Faith, III.3, to read,

"Not by the decree of God, some men and angels will make it unto everlasting life; and others by their own free will and choice will make it to everlasting death."

In addition, the program now features "live updates" where it receives updated information from the University's servers regarding new Calvinist and Reformed websites on the internet.

Liberty plans to release Net Finney 2 later this summer. Those who already own Net Finney will be able to simply upgrade the program for a minimal cost.

"It just keeps getting better and better." Said Caner. "If this trend keeps up I may not have to stand up on that stump one day."


Malachi_Abaddon said...

Don't reuse ideas too much, because then I won't be able to laugh in my chair.

Better than the original. :)

Anonymous said...

Classic - in an unrepentant sort of way...

Rev. said...

I'm going to wait until Net Finney '08 or Net Finney XP is available.

Stefan Ewing said...

Like NetFinney itself, this theme improves over time—like Malachi Abaddon wrote, this is better than the original! I liked the men's accountability group bit, too. I'm foreseeing a version 3.0 article with testimonials that NetFinney has saved marriages!

Lee Shelton said...

Ha! I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my "anxious seat."

Kudos, Tom!

Anonymous said...

haha..wow just when I saw the title of this post, I nearly spit out my tea!

Stefan Ewing said...

Oh, I like the screenshot mock-up, too: ha ha, I didn't examine it in detail until just now...excellent work!

Shep Shepherd said...

I don't know that even Net Finney could alter the wording of some of these Reformed sites. Even my blog - I've been doing a study on Covenant theology. How could it reword that?

Something in the "refreshing breeze" description struck me as funny (meaning hilarious, not odd).

It would just be wrong to reword the WCF though. Ouch.

In Christ,
Albert Shepherd
The Aspiring Theologian

The Knight of the Living God

Jenna said...

This was my college for real!!! haha. i went to PCC. just graduated. All the MacArthur and Piper books were in the Restricted Access area of the library, off limits to students. And Desiring God was def. blocked! But, you got to show grace to them, everyone is wrong on something I suppose.