07 June, 2007

Finney Land Set to Open in 2009


Looking for a place to take the family for vacation? Now look no further than Finney Land! Finney Land will be a full service family fun park complete with rides, games and shows set to open in 2009.

-Ready for a scare? Then take ride on the Anxious Seat roller coaster.

-Want to practice your shooting skills? Head over to the Cock n' Aim at Calvin shooting range, and see if you can hit the mark.

-Is the weather getting you hot? Cool off by riding down Warren's Wave into the huge baptistery. Didn't get wet enough the first time? No problem. You can ride as many times as you like until you get it right!

And don't forget to take the time
to catch special appearances by our park characters, including Jacobus Arminius, and Charles Finney himself!

And, you won't want to miss Caner's Tree Stump show on the weekend with special appearances by Ergun Caner!

Be sure to look in specially marked boxes of Arrr-mini-ohs for your chance to win free tickets!

All the fun begins on May of 2009. Mark your calendar, and make plans now to visit Finney Land.

The park is open to anyone, but only you can choose to come. Make your decision today!


Anonymous said...

Is this tied in with the "Free Willy" killer whale theme park I heard about?

Gary Brady said...

Presumably you can come in and go out of the park as often as you choose

Religion Roundtable said...

If I get into the park, exactly how naughty can I be before they kick me out? Is there any way to know?

Shep Shepherd said...

Religion Rountable - If you ran in there dressed like Charles Spurgeon or John Calvin or John Knox you might find yourself considered naughty pretty quick.

In Christ,
The Aspiring Theologian

The Knight of the Living God

Stefan Ewing said...

Very funny. I just can't think of anything witty to write. But very funny.

Joe said...

I heard rumor that FinneyLand has a spinning ride called Partial DeepGravity. The people that have ridden it say that it's mostly bad, but still somewhat good.

However, those who've tried the Finney Cakes says that they're irresistible.

Stefan Ewing said...

Partial DeepGravity...see, now that's witty!

Anonymous said...

Finney Cakes irresistible? I think not! It all depends on your choice of taste…

You're getting confused with 'Cap'n Calvin Cereal' (You know, the little crunchy tulips?) It's "The cereal with a taste you can't resist!"

Keith said...

"Partial DeepGravity"...that made me laugh out loud!!!

stephen said...

"guest appearances by Ergun Caner"

- best part of that post ... lol