06 August, 2007

Church Adds "Lord's Breakfast" to Ordinances

Hoover, Al - The members of Greasy Road Baptist Church in Hoover are looking forward to this upcoming Sunday in a particular way. This Sunday will be the first of its kind for the church as they celebrate a "new ordinance" together. The small congregation of about 50 members frequently looks for opportunities to "fellowship around the table," often having bi-weekly church fellowship suppers, dinners on the grounds, and potluck lunches at each others houses. So when pastor Danny Pudens recently suggested adding another time of fellowship it was heartily received by the congregation.

"Each month we celebrate the Lord's Supper" said Pudens. "But as I was reading in the Bible I started to get convicted about something. If there was a Lord's Supper there must have been a Lord's Breakfast on that same day. And that's something we've missed completely. If we are truly going to obey the Bible we need to have a Lord's Breakfast also."

Pudens brought the idea before the congregation during the monthly business meeting in July, and the motion passed unanimously. Now the congregation will begin observing "The Lord's Breakfast" each month beginning with August.

"It's going to be a fine time" said Pudens. "The ladies are going to cook up some biscuits and gravy, some grits, bacon, eggs, sausage, pork cracklins, hash browns, and some fresh hot coffee. We also hope to have us some apple tarts, banana nut bread, some ham and some omelets. Of course we're just trying to obey the word here. It's not about the food, but it's about obeying the Bible."

The promise of the new ordinance has also brought a number of new "conversions." Because only baptized members of the church may partake in the ordinances, a number of church attendees were concerned that they would be left out of the meal.

"We had ten young people walk the aisle last Sunday and say they wanted to be baptized" said Pudens. "We are going to do the baptisms this Sunday before the ordinance so that they can participate. We wouldn't want them to miss such an historic event in the life of our church."

Pudens went on to further state more "convictions from Scripture" that the church is considering.

"We are striving to be more and more Biblical here" stated Pudens. "We're examining the Scriptures and we might even have a Lord's Lunch. We've also thought about having a fish fry to commemorate when Jesus fed the masses. Obeying the word is just so satisfying."


Robin Harris (ICE Coordinator) said...

Ha! "Greasy Road" sounds like it might be a little hard on my arteries! I love the name of the church...

Anonymous said...

There's a whole lot of pork on that breakfast menu. I'm pretty confident Jesus wasn't eating pork cracklin's for His morning meal! :0)
Thanks for all the laughs!

Anonymous said...

They might want to call it the "Last Breakfast" considering all the fat intake. If they want to be "more biblical", they could consider that "body is a temple" thing!

Kevin Sorensen said...

With all that grease, and throw in the baked beans (for breakfast?), there will be a new moving of the spirit for sure during their services. Just hope they have plenty o' stalls in the men's room. And heaven forbid they light those candles in the narthex.

Joe said...

Wonder if they throw in a free angioplasty balloon for grown ups (do-it-yourselfers) or, just for the kids to play with. Or, maybe, they could just give Plavix in place of the normal communion wafers to offset the cholesterol from breakfast.

pilgrim said...

Yes I feel my arteries hardening.

Pass the Plavix.

Of course if they were charismatics they could have faith angioplasties...