07 September, 2007

New from Kenneth Hagin Ministries!

Now you too can experience the fun and the excitement of name it and claim it with Standing on the Promises, a new game from Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

This game is fun for the whole family or for a group of friends. Whoever gets the most riches without falling down because of a lack of faith wins!

Just spin the arrow on the game board for each player's turn, and that player gets to name and claim any promise taken directly from Scripture regarding health, wealth and prosperity that corresponds with the color that was spun. The object of the game is to get as much wealth and prosperity by the end of the game without falling over because of a lack of faith.

"This game will teach people everywhere that having the good life of ease, money and worldly possessions is just as easy as laying your hand on it or standing on it. People just need to claim what God has in store for them." - Kenneth Hagin

"I'm still waiting on Australia." - Kenneth Copeland

"That's some pie baby. Haah!" - Creflo Dollar

Be sure to contact Kenneth Hagin Ministries today to order your copy of Standing on the Promises.

$19.95 + 9.95 shipping & handling


Anonymous said...

Love it! That would be a great game to play at my small group! :)
Thanks for the smile this morning, Tom!

Anonymous said...

I'm believing God for my very own copy.

Anonymous said...

That's some pie baby. Haah!

Anonymous said...

"More promises - More demands." As the song writer said.

Very funny. I'm glad you are linked from our blog.

God Bless.

al sends

Anonymous said...

Yet another church sponsored way for children to rub their bodies against each other and yield to the temptation of physicality without actually dancing!

This is exactly why we must guard our doctrine carefully brothers!!!

In these last days, the beast will rise up and it shall be known as ... "Mattel?"...

Anonymous said...

This game could also be used to teach the opposite, trying to support yourself with lots of material things won't work (you get tangled and fall) :)

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone knows this is totally bogus! Call it satire if you wish, the Bible calls it bearing false witness. It's one thing to speak to the truth of the matter, but to fabricate to make a point totally invalidates the point.

Anonymous said...

SInce you are using direct "quotes" from Hagin, Copeland & Dollar. You better have proof. I am forwarding this to each of these ministries legal departments. If you can't verify or document the quotes you will held liable for slander.

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

Dear Anon #1,

Since I hate the name Anon, I shall call you Edwardo.

Now Edwardo, you go right ahead and send your little email. There are laws which protect right of parody and satire, and we abide by those laws. We do nothing here but what is done at other websites everywhere. A very popular one called The Whittenburg Door even publishes a magazine in print with direct quotes from real people. It's called satirizing someone.

So go right ahead and email. I'm sure Creflo ain't too interested in taking on a missionary who runs a satire blog. There's no money in it for him. What is he going to sue me for, my health?


Team Tominthebox News Network said...

Dear Anon# 2,

Does the Bible have anything to say about cowardice anonymous?


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,

Try reading the Bible, maybe you will get the answer to your question.

You shouldn't blame people for using the options you give.

As far as the parody act, also legally known as the Bono Act, written by Congressman Sonny Bono, covers parody of things actually said or sung by the individual. It does not give permission to put words in people's mouth.

You are a liar sir, plain and simple. You are putting words in these men's mouth that they didn't say, and don't even believe. The Bible says SATAN is the accuser of the bretheren, so you should check your motives and rad Revelation 21:8

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

Dear Coward,

If you want to call me a servant of Satan, that's fine. Do so with boldness and courage. But note the facts.

First of all I am not putting words into their mouths. There is a disclaimer located both within the graphic of the logo and at the bottom of the main page stating very clearly that public figures are satirized here. In other words, it's not real. Every article is thus prefaced with the notion that what you're about to read is make believe, pretend, made up. In other words, it's a joke.

Secondly, I honestly do not consider men like Hagin, Dollar and Copeland to be "brethren" as you put it. These men do not preach the gospel. They are servants of money and wealth and many of their teachings are positively wicked.

People use satire all of the time. Have you ever told a "So, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are riding in an airplane..." etc, kind of joke? If you have then you've undoubtedly done the same thing. If you haven't or if you never tell jokes then you are probably a very dull and boring person (which I can already suspect).

So here's the deal, the general rule here on this site is that when people want to flare up and take a stand that they must do it with their masks off. If you post again without using your real name your comments will be deleted.

You can continue your little tirade, just have the guts to show your face.


WayoftheSon said...

Hey Tom...grace and peace,

A friend of mind posted a link to your site and I think it is absolutely hilarious. I praise God that we can have a sense of humor together. But as I read your comments to Anon on this post I sense (digitally) a bit of disgust for him and frustration.

I used to debate atheists and agnostics online about every theological and philosophical topic under the sun and found myself poking fun at the people rather than their points...and digitally it gets even harder to discern the difference. As believers, we desire to be full of "grace and truth", like Christ, as we preach unapologetically Christian ideals and expose falsehood for what it is with Truth (especially when wolves in sheeps clothing are luring people away from the true gospel). But I also think we should treat detractors with "gentleness and respect" (1Peter 3:15).

I confess even some of your remarks to Anon are funny, but I can't say that he is going to be open to the truth you are attempting to portray in your posts (which is what you desire, i'm sure) unless you treat him with a little more respect.

Don't hear me wrong, I'm not coming "at you" but just ask that you take before the Lord what I've said here and see what He says to you. He may say nothing, and that's fine, I've been wrong before, but from one missionary to another, if we believe that those willing to go to bat for money-hungry men like these are probably lost, then we ought to do what we can to see them brought into the kingdom.


Anonymous said...

There is an expansion pack, right? More colors, more options? 'Cause I want to keep playing, even after I get everything I've been promised the first go round.