09 November, 2007

Yahoo Accused of Giving PCC Administration Information on Calvinist Dissidents

Sunnyvale, California - The Internet "giant" Yahoo has recently come under fire by former Pensacola Christian College students who say they were "turned in" to the school's administration for maintaining an online forum which discussed and supported Reformed doctrine.

"We feel betrayed" said former student Mark Hudson.

Hudson, along with seven other students were recently asked to leave the school after the administration discovered that they were secretly maintaining the web forum. The site, called "The Calvinist Underground" was frequented by a number of "closet Calvinists" at many Independent Fundamentalist Schools around the country. The site often contained frustrations expressed by the students that if their true beliefs were to be expressed they would be pressured to leave their respective schools.

When Hudson and the other students were called into the Vice President's office, they had no idea what they had done.

"We thought maybe we were in trouble for walking on the grass or something" said Hudson. "We were prepared to take the punishment, but suddenly we were confronted with the question 'Gentlemen, is this your website?' We were shocked, because online we only used aliases. We didn't know it at the time, but they had been informed."

Since the students have left the school, they have since discovered that the school's administration was able to obtain their information through Yahoo.

"We don't know exactly how they did it, but they were able to contact Yahoo and get our real names" said Hudson. "We feel that this is a serious breach of privacy."

Hudson now fears for the other students that frequented the board.

"We had students from Liberty University, Hyles-Anderson College, and Baptist Bible College" said Hudson. "We don't know if their schools will simply be able to do the same thing and find out who these poor students are and they will get in trouble."

TBNN tried repeatedly to contact Yahoo, but no one was available for comment.


Amanda said...

As a former student at one of those schools mentioned in this post, and as someone who became Reformed while a student there: that is hilarious (and a bit too close to the truth)!

Anonymous said...

That's almost as bad as looking on founders.org and ousting your pastor because he's on there. And that really happens!

Richard said...


Shoulda tweaked it a bit and said that some of the students were even caught using the NASB while discussing Reformed Theology.

Stephen said...

You have no idea how close to actuality this is. Good stuff.

Mad Hatter said...


I'm a student at Liberty.

I quake fearfully that one day Ergun Caner will oust me.

Not really... actually I harass him on his Facebok for lying about Spurgeon's beliefs, lying from the pulpit, not acting like a pastor... and so on, and on, and on.

sempre reformanda