15 February, 2008

This Week in Photos 2/15/08

A disturbed Rev. James Huchinson (left) is caught off guard
when Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams makes the
suggestion during a press conference that Great Britain consider
letting Klingons in the country impose the Klingon code of 
honor amongst their own communities.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson makes a prank call to Presidential
candidate Mike Huckabee's office saying "Hey, do you know 
that you're refrigerator is running?  Better go catch it!"

An angry Fred Phelps, while 
speaking at a Topeka city council
meeting, finally gets "fed up"
with the man man behind him 
who kept whispering "Look at
that bald spot!"

Actor Tom Cruise admitted that he overreacted just a 
little bit (seen here) after a reporter supposedly 
questioned the genuineness of his Scientology
beliefs.  Cruise later apologized stating, "It was just...
ahhhh...like, pft...like a ....life, and feeling...i know what 
to do...yes, it's us, it's that it's....ahhh, woah!"

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