26 March, 2008

Man Sees Image of Toast in Virgin Mary Picture

Chicago, Il - Hundreds of people are lined up outside of Terry Jenkins' apartment to see what some are calling "a miracle." The 45-year-old construction worker and life-long resident of Chicago is fast becoming a celebrity in his home city because of a startling discovery he made last week while praying. According to Jenkins he was praying while looking at a 5x5 picture of Mary in his apartment when something caught his eye.

"I had never noticed it before but there was something strange behind Mary's left hand in the picture," said Jenkins. "As I gazed at the picture and examined it closely it became clear that what I was seeing looked exactly like a piece of toast, just like the kind you would make for breakfast."

Jenkins immediately called several of his friends to come see what he had discovered. After several minutes of looking at the picture they all agreed also that it appeared that Mary was coving a piece of toast with her left hand. Word quickly began to get around the community. Soon people were showing up at Jenkins' door asking to see the picture.

As of Tuesday, over 900 people had come by to see the image. While some are skeptical, many are convinced that the appearance of the toast is indeed a miracle.

"It is a marvelous and wondrous thing that toast would appear to us in a picture of the Virgin," said Maria Sanchez, one of the spectators. "It is obviously white bread, only lightly toasted, perhaps with a little light spread of butter or margarine on top. I can only see the corner of the toast, so I don't know if there's any jam in the center or not."


Jerry Boyce said...

YES! I always knew white bread was the way to go. SWEET!

John said...

mmm ... toast

Ken said...

there is a youth pastor in the South Bend, IN area (at least I've seen them talking about it in the local news) who has found Jesus praying in a Cheeto. Ridiculous!

Stefan Ewing said...


Thanks to all four of you for edifying us with humour each day.

Joe said...

I certainly appreciate the article, but the headline of this one was so good, there didn't really need to be an article. You could've written a haiku or something below that headline.

BTW, I have a TBNN idea for whichever poster wants to email me first: joebrackman at msn (.) [rhymes with bomb]. I'm pretty cryptic there because I don't know how sophisticated email address harvesters are these days... last part of addy is "msn.com"

RalphC said...

Holy Toast, Batman!

Terry Delaney said...

Do they say if the toast was with or without leaven?