10 March, 2008

The "Osteen Archive" Not Catching On

Houston, Tx - Parker Herrington makes no excuses for the fact that he is Joel Osteen's "Number One Fan." For years now, since Osteen took over his father's ministry at Lakewood Church in Houston, Herrington has been faithful to attend every service, read every book Osteen has written and to maintain a Joel Osteen fan club online.

"I guess he just inspires me" Herrington told TBNN. "His words are just so powerful and so rich that I cannot help but be uplifted and empowered to new heights."

Recently, as part of a planned expansion of the online Joel Osteen fan club, Herrington decided to add a new section to the site called The Osteen Archive. According to Herrington, he got his inspiration from the popular online website The Spurgeon Archive maintained by Phil Johnson, who is also known for his work with John MacArthur's ministry.

"I knew about the Spurgeon site" said Herrington. "I can't say I'm a real fan of the guy. I mean, I'm sure he's alright, but he's so complicated and not nearly as uplifting as pastor Joel. But the idea of posting all of a pastor's sermons online is a great idea, so I adopted it myself."

The site was launched last month with Herrington uploading transcriptions of some of Osteen's most popular sermons online. The initial list included,

Your Best Life Now
Your Life, Best Now
Your Really Best Life Now
Your Better and Best Life Now
Now is Your Best Life
Is Your Life Best Now?
Now, About Your Best Life...
Life is Your Best Now
Your Life Now, Best?
Best? Now Your Life
Best Now, Your Life

While Herrington expected a huge influx of hits, he was disappointed with the initial response, telling TBNN that "We've really only had several dozen hits in the first month. I had hoped for more, but it just doesn't seem to be catching on too well."

Herrington hopes the site will gain more popularity as time goes by. In the meantime he is already beginning work on his newest website The Creflo Dollar Archive due to be launched next month.


Richard said...

Well....you know.

I don't want to be the one say...that...um...

...this blog is awesome.

I mean...I think it's awesome...but it's not really my place to say that.

I mean...it's true for me...ya know?

Jerry Boyce said...

Dr. Tom- what about my favorite- "Now Is Your Life Best"

Osteen is the bestest ever. How can a person with such a large church be wrong? I am tired of people that bash this man. He is nice, preaches better than Spurgeon, and has forgotten more than MacArthur will ever hope to know. His teeth are perfect-unlike mine :(

Besides, last I heard Osteen is drumming up the witch at Endore to see if he can strike a deal with Spurgeon to see is Osteen can become the offical "Prince of Preachers"

Al said...

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… I am sure Phil will be flattered by all of this. Spurgeon? Not so much.

al sends

Chris Latch said...

Neat archive - but I didn't see the link to the sermon titled 'better get your best life now, because if you don't repent, the next life's gonna stink!'.

Could you let us know when that one is posted?

pilgrim said...

And where's "Your best life is not in the past, or in the future--well it might be future, it won't won't get worse--so--oh just scrap that."

Darrin said...

"Now, About Your Best Life..."
- that's great.
"The Creflo Dollar Archive due to be launched next month" - that's some pie, baby! HA! (I just love that old line.)
I actually do think Osteen has a sermon similar to one of Spurgeon's. It was called "God's Sovereignty Secondary to Man's Prosperity" or something like that.

Veritas Valebit said...

Hmmm...if this was actually real, I bet it would actually have a lot of hits. Unfortunately, it may even have more than the Spurgeon Archive.