07 March, 2008

This Week in Photos 2/7/2008

Mary Claire Carpenter, a life-long member
of Long Roads Baptist Church can never 
seem to understand why the congregation
won't let her be a Sunday morning greeter.

During a press conference Senator and 
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is
stumped by the old trick question "Is the 
book of Hezekiah in the Old or New 

Eco-Friendly churches in California began
experimenting with various ways to leave 
less of a carbon footprint in their worship.  
For starters one church removed all their pews.  

Concerned Christians everywhere took to the streets in 
protest over comical depictions of Pastor Joel Osteen by
one popular newspaper.


Jerry Boyce said...

The last picture, guy on left- does he have a slingshot?

Anonymous said...

I spewethed against the wall.

Joe said...

FYI-- The guy in the lower right corner of the last picture has an alias in the blogosphere: Islamic Rage Boy. Really. Google it. He's famous for getting in front of cameras at protests and looking reeeally aaangry.

Remember: he's a part of the Religion of Peace.

Jim Pemberton said...

I don't know about Left Behind - give him some cool shades and plenty of weapons and he'd look right for the Matrix.

Hilary's response was that it didn't matter where Hezekiah was, it was time for a change. No one is certain however that she was indicating that Hezekiah needed to be moved to the New Testament or removed entirely.

It looks like those eco-friendly pewless ones are also practicing some sort of yoga.

Those guys in the last photo are upset because of a crime wave. Apparently, groups of indy fundy missionaries have started urinating against all the walls around town since learning recently that they were commanded to do so in the Bible.