16 April, 2008

Advertisement: Tetzel's Pretzels - Indulge Your Taste Buds!

They're delicious, nutritious and will free you and your loved one's from Purgatory! Go ahead and indulge yourself with all new Tetzel's Pretzels!

Tetzel's Pretzels are the most twisted pretzels on the market today. And at just $20 per bag, they're a real bargain. Plus with every bag you buy you'll not only get great flavor, but you'll also free a soul from Purgatory! That's right, every bag of Tetzel's Pretzels you buy comes with a "get out of purgatory free" card that can be used for any of your loved ones or saved until after you die to avoid years, if not centuries of purging.

So pick up a bag of Tetzel's Pretzels today. And remember When the flavor of a Tetzel Pretzel in the mouth sings, another soul from Purgatory springs!


Hannah Schaefer said...

Avaliable only through traveling salesmen, or can I get these amazing pretzels at supermarkets everywhere? Will the Pope be selling them at his events?

Stefan Ewing said...

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this rhyme.

Jerry Boyce said...

They go well with Luther's Lozenges, cure for the common Calvinist- I mean cold. Whoops.

Unknown said...


Come on now, please tell me we can agree that this guy was pretty rotten.


Jerry Boyce said...

Who is he?

HAHAHA just kidding- yet, he probably would love to have some, plus a little water to cool his tongue.

pilgrim said...

Short version-Tetzel was a seller of indulgences. It was his sales pitch and style that was the final prod to Luther to write & post his 95 theses.

I'm surprised you haven't done this before, I love the story.

Jim Pemberton said...

hehehe... "indulge yourself"... hoohehehe... "twisted"... heeheehee... "Luther's lozenges"... hahahahah!!!.... How about Calvin's cookies?... hehehe... "water to cool his tongue"... heheh...ahhh

Thanks for a good chuckle today, guys!

not used anymore. said...