17 April, 2008

On-Stage Now! Sunday School Musical

Destiny Church of Cincinnati, Ohio announces its latest on-stage production entitled Sunday School Musical. Come and watch as the various Sunday School classes of Destiny Church dance, sing and learn to live and love.

The production of Sunday School Musical has been in the works for over a year now since Children's Ministry Director Olivia Cowell joined the church staff last year. With a production budget of just over $96,000, the show promises to be of the highest quality.

"We've really worked hard on this," said Cowell. "We auditioned a lot of kids from our congregation and even some from other churches to make this work out. But in the end we only chose the most talented of children. We wanted to really show what the ideal Sunday School should be like in a church."

Tickets go on sale this Friday for Saturday night's opening show. Prices range from $20 to $150. Call the Destiny Church office for more details.


Joe Blackmon said...

Gotta get your nose in The Book
Gotta, gotta get your nose in The Book.

Jerry Boyce said...

It looks like they are levitating. Scary indeed.

Eric said...

With all the dancing going on, I'll assume Destiny Church is not Southern Baptist.

Nateman1 said...

I see ads from churches in my area all the time (some of which are Southern Baptist) that make Sunday School Musical look tame. I actually thought this looked like a real mailer.

Brian said...

"We're all in this together" except for you and you, you are not good enough for our professional production! TBNN, very, very funny, but oh so true to today's church scene.